Help YDNC host a convention to remember—and organize to make a difference in 2024.

The Young Democrats of North Carolina are back in fighting shape, y’all.

In 2023, the YDNC set record fundraising numbers, made waves with bold new projects, and showed up in communities the Democratic Party has taken for granted.

As of this year, the Young Democrats of North Carolina have:

  • more than doubled the number of chapters and counties represented in our organization
  • made NC the state with the most organized campuses of any College Democrats of America organization in the US

The youth vote is the margin of victory in 2024, YDNC has been throwing everything we’ve got at energizing, mobilizing, and turning out young people.

The campus organizers mobilizing their colleges for Biden in 2024 will be the campaign managers delivering Democrats the margins to flip a US Senate seat in 2026, and they’ll be the candidates campaigning alongside our judges when we take back our courts in 2028. We need investment to deliver on the promise of our young people.

It’s always a good time to invest in our young people, but the best time is now.


Unfortunately, our sponsorship deadline has passed and no further sponsorships will be made available to YDNC’s 2024 convention. If you have already purchased a sponsorship, please report to YDNC any tickets you won’t use so that we can forward your generosity to our teen and college Democrats in need. We appreciate your willingness to support Young Democrats, and encourage you to make a donation at any time.